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Melongenaterpenes A–L, Vetispirane-Type Sesquiterpenoids from the Roots of Solanum melongena

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posted on 2019-11-19, 13:39 authored by Xin Yin, Yan Liu, Juan Pan, Hong-Liang Ye, Yan Sun, Dong-Ying Zhao, Hai-Xue Kuang, Bing-You Yang
Melongenaterpenes A–L (112), 12 new sesquiterpenoids with rare spiro[4.5]­decane skeletons, were isolated from the roots of Solanum melongena. Their 2D structures and relative configurations were determined based on NMR and HRESIMS data. The absolute configuration of melongenaterpene A (1) was defined by X-ray crystallographic analysis. The absolute configurations of the remaining compounds were determined by comparison of their NMR data with 1 and consideration of the biosynthetic pathway. This is the first report of the crystal structure of a vetispirane-type sesquiterpenoid. None of the compounds exhibited cytotoxic activity against the three human cancer cell lines HepG2, HeLa, and MCF-7.