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Mechanochemically Assisted Synthesis of High-Entropy Layer-Structured Dittmarite Analogues

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posted on 2022-03-09, 16:13 authored by Juntian Fan, Tao Wang, Yating Yuan, Chi-Linh Do-Thanh, Xian Suo, Zhenzhen Yang, Hao Chen, Sheng Dai
High-entropy solid-solution materials, especially layered ones incorporating five or more near-equimolar components into single-phase crystal structures, may spark functional synergism toward the electrochemistry area because of their unique antisite disordering structures and the synergistic effect of multiple active sites. Herein, high-entropy dittmarite analogues (HEDAs) were synthesized via a mechanochemistry-assisted hydrothermal method. The as-prepared HEDAs have single dittmarite phases with five homogeneously distributed metal elements, exhibiting enhanced activities in oxygen evolution catalysis compared to the single metal counterparts.