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Mechanically Planar-to-Point Chirality Transmission in [2]Rotaxanes

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posted on 2024-01-24, 21:49 authored by Julio Puigcerver, Marta Marin-Luna, Javier Iglesias-Sigüenza, Mateo Alajarin, Alberto Martinez-Cuezva, Jose Berna
Herein we describe an effective transmission of chirality, from mechanically planar chirality to point chirality, in hydrogen-bonded [2]rotaxanes. A highly selective mono-N-methylation of one (out of four) amide N atom at the macrocyclic counterpart of starting achiral rotaxanes generates mechanically planar chirality. Followed by chiral resolution, both enantiomers were subjected to a base-promoted intramolecular cyclization, where their interlocked threads were transformed into new lactam moieties. As a matter of fact, the mechanically planar chiral information was effectively transferred to the resulting stereocenters (covalent chirality) of the newly formed heterocycles. Upon removing the entwined macrocycle, the final lactams were obtained with high enantiopurity.