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Measurements of P‑ρ‑T for Propan-1-ol or Propan-2-ol + Oct-1-ene between 303.15–353.15 K and 0.1–20 MPa

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posted on 2022-12-06, 20:35 authored by Kuveneshan Moodley
The densities of mixtures of C3 alcohols with oct-1-ene were measured in a temperature and pressure range of T = 303.15–353.15 K and P = 0.1–20 MPa by employing an Anton Paar DMA HP densimeter and a high-pressure network. This data is of use in hydrocarbon process industries where alcohols can be used as an additive, a blend stock, or an inhibitor. The density data were correlated using the Toscani-Szwarc equation of state with 5 unique model variables for each mixture/pure component. The excess molar volume, thermal expansivity, and isothermal compressibility were determined by calculation using the regressed correlation parameters. A significant difference in the excess volume behavior was observed between the two alcohols in the alkene, with the propan-2-ol mixture exhibiting a more symmetrical positive excess volume behavior with a magnitude greater than twice that of the propan-1-ol mixture at similar conditions.