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MeLi + LiCl in THF: One Heterodimer and No Tetramers

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posted on 2010-09-03, 00:00 authored by Baptiste Lecachey, Hassan Oulyadi, Pedro Lameiras, Anne Harrison-Marchand, Hélène Gérard, Jacques Maddaluno
The structure of the aggregates formed when mixing methyllithium and lithium chloride in THF has been studied by multinuclear magnetic resonance at 170 K. The data suggest that only one new entity is observed, that is the dimer [(MeLi)(LiCl)], in equilibrium (K ≈ 0.6) with [MeLi]4 and [LiCl]2. NMR diffusion measurements lead to the conclusion that this dimer is trisolvated in THF at 170 K, a solvation scheme in agreement with DFT computations.