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Mbandakamines A and B, Unsymmetrically Coupled Dimeric Naphthylisoquinoline Alkaloids, from a Congolese Ancistrocladus Species

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posted on 2013-06-07, 00:00 authored by Gerhard Bringmann, Blaise Kimbadi Lombe, Claudia Steinert, Karine Ndjoko Ioset, Reto Brun, Florian Turini, Günther Heubl, Virima Mudogo
Mbandakamines A (1) and B (2), isolated from the leaves of an as yet unidentified Congolese Ancistrocladus species, are the first dimeric naphthylisoquinoline alkaloids with an unsymmetrically coupled central biaryl axis. Their novel 6′,1″-coupling type implies a hitherto unprecedented peri–peri coupling in one of the naphthalene parts, leading to the as yet highest steric hindrance at the central axis and a total of seven elements of chirality. Mbandakamine A exhibits good antimalarial activity.