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Mathematical Modeling of Fixed-Bed Columns Adsorption: Hexavalent Chromium onto Chitosan Flakes

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posted on 13.08.2020, 15:35 by Jimena B Dima, Mariano Ferrari, Noemi Zaritzky
Continuous fixed-bed column adsorption for wastewater treatment provides the most practical application to reduce water pollution by heavy metal ions. The objective of this work was to develop a new statistical approach capable of simulating the dynamic behavior of the fixed-bed adsorption. A statistical model (normal model), based on normal distributions, was deduced and experimentally validated in a Bayesian framework. The model was applied to describe the adsorption mechanism of Cr­(VI) onto chitosan flakes, obtained from the waste of crustacean industry. The continuous flow of Cr­(VI) was carried out in a glass column, at different operating conditions, determining the breakthrough curve and the breakthrough point time (tb). The proposed normal model provided a good description of the column adsorption with fitting error comparable to that of the widely used Bohart-Adams logistic model. In all cases, the tb was into or near to model credibility interval. Therefore, the model with the Bayesian approach represents a good option for the design of adsorption columns for wastewater treatment.