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Mass Transfer Parameters for Packings: Effect of Viscosity

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posted on 2017-12-21, 00:00 authored by Di Song, A. Frank Seibert, Gary T. Rochelle
The effect of liquid viscosity (μL) on the effective mass transfer area (ae) and liquid film mass transfer coefficient (kL) of packing must be known to determine packing height. Most existing correlations are based on water and are not applicable to viscous systems. In this work, ae, kL, and gas film mass transfer coefficient (kG) were measured in a 0.43 m ID packed column with 0.5–3 m of packing. Liquid viscosity was varied from 0.8 to 70 mPa·s by adding glycerol to water. Liquid viscosity has an insignificant effect on ae over the range of μL investigated. The total dependence of kL on μL is −0.75, of which −0.35 is indirect influence through diffusivity, and −0.4 is direct influence through liquid turbulence. Universal mass transfer models for packing were developed as functions of packing geometry, operating condition, and fluid property.