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Manganese Trifluoroacetoxycarbene Complexes Are Convenient Intermediates in the Synthesis of Cyclic Enediynes

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posted on 08.12.2003, 00:00 by Charles P. Casey, Trevor L. Dzwiniel
Trifluoroacetoxycarbene complexes generated from reaction of stable manganese acyl complexes with trifluoroacetic anhydride are convenient alternatives to thermally sensitive manganese carbyne complexes in reactions with diynes that lead eventually to free cyclic enediynes. In situ reaction of these trifluoroacetoxycarbene complexes with alkynyl copper intermediates generated from diynes, CuBr, and NEt(i-Pr)2 led to the isolation of cyclic enediynes via intermediate linked alkynylcarbene complexes and manganese enediyne complexes.