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Manganese(II) Octacyanotungstate(V)-Based Magnet Containing a Noncoordinated Aromatic Molecule

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posted on 28.04.2004, 00:00 by Toshinori Kashiwagi, Shin-ichi Ohkoshi, Hidetake Seino, Yasushi Mizobe, Kazuhito Hashimoto
We have prepared a pillared layer magnetic material containing a noncoordinated aromatic molecule, [{MnII(pyrimidine)(H2O)}2{MnII(H2O)2}{WV(CN)8}2](pyrimidine)2·2H2O. This compound has one-dimensional channels (6.2 × 2.1 Å) that are occupied by noncoordinated pyrimidine. The magnetization versus temperature plots showed the magnetic phased transition temperature (TC) was 47 K. The magnetization versus external magnetic field plots showed that the saturation magnetization (MS) value was 13.0 μB at 2 K. This MS value indicates that an antiferromagnetic interaction operates between the WV (S = 1/2) and MnII (S = 5/2) ions. The magnetic hysteresis loop showed that the coercive field (HC) was 17 G at 2 K.