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Manganese/Copper Co-catalyzed Electrochemical Wacker–Tsuji-Type Oxidation of Aryl-Substituted Alkenes

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posted on 31.08.2020, 22:05 by Junshan Lai, Miquel A. Pericàs
A manganese/copper co-catalyzed electrochemical Wacker–Tsuji-type oxidation of aryl-substituted alkenes has been developed. The process involves the use of 5 mol % MnBr2 and 7.5 mol % CuCl2, in 4:1 acetonitrile/water in an undivided cell at 60 °C, with 2.8 V constant applied potential. α-Aryl ketones are formed in moderate to excellent yields, with the advantages of avoidance of palladium as a catalyst and any external chemical oxidant in an easily operated, cost-effective procedure.