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Manganese-Catalyzed α-Olefination of Nitriles with Secondary Alcohols

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posted on 26.12.2019, 16:39 by Vinita Yadav, Vinod G. Landge, Murugan Subaramanian, Ekambaram Balaraman
An expedient catalytic approach for α-olefination of nitriles using secondary alcohols with the liberation of molecular hydrogen and water as the only byproducts is reported. This reaction is catalyzed by a molecularly defined manganese­(I) pincer complex and operates in the absence of any hydrogen acceptors. A broad range of substrates including cyclic, acyclic, and benzylic alcohols, as well as various nitrile derivatives, such as arylmethyl and heteroarylmethyl nitriles, are employed in the reaction to provide a diverse range of α-vinyl nitriles in good to excellent yields. Mechanistic studies showed that the reaction proceeds via dehydrogenative pathway and the activation of α­(C–H) bond of the alcohol is the rate-determining step.