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Magnetically Tunable Plasmon Coupling of Au Nanoshells Enabled by Space-Free Confined Growth

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posted on 2020-10-15, 19:39 authored by Zhiwei Li, Qingsong Fan, Chaolumen Wu, Yichen Li, Changjing Cheng, Yadong Yin
We report the unconventional space-free confined growth of Au nanoshells with well-defined plasmonic properties and active tuning of their plasmon coupling by the nanoscale magnetic assembly. The seeded growth of Au exclusively occurred at the hard–soft interfaces between the Fe3O4 core and phenolic resin without the need of creating a limiting space, which represents a general and elegant approach to various core–shell nanostructures. The deformability of permeable phenolic layers plays an essential role in regulating the interfacial growth of Au nanoshells. While the polymer elasticity suppresses the radial deposition of Au atoms, their high deformability can afford enough spaces for the formation of conformal metallic shells. The coupled magnetic–plasmonic properties allow active tuning of the plasmon coupling and the resonant scattering of Au nanoshells by the magnetic assembly of the hybrid nanoparticles into plasmonic chains, whose potentials in applications have been demonstrated in designing transparent displays and anticounterfeiting devices.