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Magnetic Nanocomposites and Their Incorporation into Higher Order Biosynthetic Functional Architectures

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posted on 2018-01-17, 09:33 authored by John Watt, Aaron M. Collins, Erika C. Vreeland, Gabriel A. Montano, Dale L. Huber
A magnetically active Fe3O4/poly­(ethylene oxide)-block-poly­(butadiene) (PEO-b-PBD) nanocomposite is formed by the encapsulation of magnetite nanoparticles with a short-chain amphiphilic block copolymer. This material is then incorporated into the self-assembly of higher order polymer architectures, along with an organic pigment, to yield biosynthetic, bifunctional optical and magnetically active Fe3O4/bacteriochlorophyll c/PEO-b-PBD polymeric chlorosomes.