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Magnetic Metal–Organic Framework Composites: Solvent-Free Synthesis and Regeneration Driven by Localized Magnetic Induction Heat

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posted on 08.08.2019, 14:34 by Yingle Tao, Guoshun Huang, Haiqing Li, Matthew R. Hill
Driven by the magnetic induction heat, a versatile solvent-free Magnetic Induction Framework Synthesis (sMIFS) route has been developed to synthesize magnetic metal–organic framework composites (MFCs). The MFC yield can be effectively enhanced through increasing the reaction time, magnetic nanoparticle content in the powder reaction mixture, and the applied magnetic field strength. Compared with the same reactions carried out in solvent, sMIFS exhibits better MFC yield at the cost of well-defined morphologies. The resulting MFCs exhibit highly efficient CO2 capture capacity. Upon exposing to an alternating magnetic field, MFCs also can be highly efficiently regenerated triggered by localized magnetic induction heat through a magnetic induction swing adsorption process.