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Magnetic Ground State and Phase Diagram, Hc(T), for Magnetically Ordered [Ru2(O2CMe)4]3[Cr(CN)6]

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posted on 29.05.2008, 00:00 by William W. Shum, Jason N. Schaller, Joel S. Miller
The magnetic phase diagram for [Ru2(O2CMe)4]3[Cr(CN)6] was determined from temperature dependent isothermal magnetization studies below its 33-K Tc. Below ∼25 K, the change in slope of the M(H) for ∼1100 ± 400 Oe increases with increasing temperature, as does the initial slope at lower applied field, whereas above ∼25 K, the slope decreases with increasing temperature. The M(H) below its 25-K tricritical point is characteristic of a first order transition, whereas above 25 K, it is characteristic of a second order transition. The magnetic phase diagram of [Ru2(O2CMe)4]3[Cr(CN)6] is characteristic of a class 1 metamagnet and has an antiferromagnetic ground-state arising from antiferromagnetically coupled ferrimagnetic lattices.