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Magnetic Anisotropy along a Series of Lanthanide Polyoxometalates with Pentagonal Bipyramidal Symmetry

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posted on 23.06.2017, 23:29 by Jing Li, Chen Yuan, Li Yang, Ming Kong, Jing Zhang, Jing-Yuan Ge, Yi-Quan Zhang, You Song
Magneto-structural correlations in a series of lanthanide polyoxometalates (POMs) with pentagonal bipyramidal symmetry, namely, [Ln2(NMP)12­(PW12O40)]­[PW12O40] (NMP is N-methyl pyrrolidone), were studied in detail experimentally combined with theoretical calculations. Furthermore, two types of Dy-based complexes with pentagonal bipyramidal symmetry were built to discuss the dependence of the theoretical energy barriers with the axial Dy–O bond lengths when the magnetic axes in ground Kramers doublet are along the axial orientation or on the equatorial plane. A meaningful conclusion was put forward for designing such Dy-based SIMs with high performance.