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Macroscopic Versus Microscopic Schottky Barrier Determination at (Au/Pt)/Ge(100): Interfacial Local Modulation

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posted on 15.06.2020, 09:43 by Andrea Gerbi, Renato Buzio, Cesar González, Nicola Manca, Daniele Marrè, Sergio Marras, Mirko Prato, Lloyd Bell, Sergio Di Matteo, Fernando Flores, Pedro L. de Andres
Macroscopic current–voltage measurements and nanoscopic ballistic electron emission spectroscopy (BEES) have been used to probe the Schottky barrier height (SBH) at metal/Ge(100) junctions for two metal electrodes (Au and Pt) and different metallization methods, specifically, thermal-vapor and laser-vapor deposition. Analysis of macroscopic current–voltage characteristics indicates that a SBH of 0.61–0.63 eV controls rectification at room temperature. On the other hand, BEES measured at 80 K reveals the coexistence of two distinct barriers at the nanoscale, taking values in the ranges 0.61–0.64 and 0.70–0.74 eV for the cases studied. For each metal–semiconductor junction, the macroscopic measurement agrees well with the lower barrier found with BEES. Ab initio modeling of BEES spectra ascribes the two barriers to two different atomic registries between the metals and the Ge(100) surface, a significant relevant insight for next-generation highly miniaturized Ge-based devices.