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Machine Metathesis: Thermal and Catalyzed Exchange of Piston Rods in Multicomponent Nanorotor/Nanoslider Ensemble

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posted on 10.12.2018, 22:15 by Amit Ghosh, Indrajit Paul, Suchismita Saha, Thomas Paululat, Michael Schmittel
Three-component nanorotor R1 (k298 = 80 kHz) and two-component slider-on-deck DS2 (k298 = 440 kHz) were prepared from rotator S1 and stator [Cu3(1)]3+ and from S2 and deck D, respectively. Mixing of R1 with DS2 leads to clean metathesis, furnishing the slower nanodevices R2 (k298 = 29.6 kHz) and DS1 (k298 = 32.2 kHz). Exchange of the piston rods S1 and S2 is completed within 22 min (uncatalyzed) or 3 min (catalyzed) at 298 K.