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MOFwich: Sandwiched Metal–Organic Framework-Containing Mixed Matrix Composites for Chemical Warfare Agent Removal

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posted on 05.02.2018, 00:00 by Gregory W. Peterson, Annie X. Lu, Morgan G. Hall, Matthew A. Browe, Trenton Tovar, Thomas H. Epps
This work describes a new strategy for fabricating mixed matrix composites containing layered metal–organic framework (MOF)/polymer films as functional barriers for chemical warfare agent protection. Through the use of mechanically robust polymers as the top and bottom encasing layers, a high-MOF-loading, high-performance-core layer can be sandwiched within. We term this multifunctional composite “MOFwich”. We found that the use of elastomeric encasing layers enabled core layer reformation after breakage, an important feature for composites and membranes alike. The incorporation of MOFs into the core layer led to enhanced removal of chemical warfare agents while simultaneously promoting moisture vapor transport through the composite, showcasing the promise of these composites for protection applications.