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Lycopene from Tomatoes: Vesicular Nanocarrier Formulations for Dermal Delivery

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posted on 2016-02-19, 02:35 authored by Andreia Ascenso, Sónia Pinho, Carla Eleutério, Fabíola Garcia Praça, Maria Vitória Lopes Badra Bentley, Helena Oliveira, Conceição Santos, Olga Silva, Sandra Simões
This experimental work aimed to develop a simple, fast, economic, and environmentally friendly process for the extraction of lycopene from tomato and incorporate this lycopene-rich extract into ultradeformable vesicular nanocarriers suitable for topical application. Lycopene extraction was conducted without a cosolvent for 30 min. The extracts were analyzed and incorporated in transfersomes and ethosomes. These formulations were characterized, and the cellular uptake was observed by confocal microscopy. Dermal delivery of lycopene formulations was tested under in vitro and in vivo conditions. Lycopene extraction proved to be quite safe and selective. The vesicular formulation was taken up by the cells, being more concentrated around the nucleus. Epicutaneous application of lycopene formulations decreased the level of anthralin-induced ear swelling by 97 and 87%, in a manner nonstatistically different from the positive control. These results support the idea that the lycopene-rich extract may be a good alternative to the expensive commercial lycopene for incorporation into advanced topical delivery systems.