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Lupane-Type Triterpenes of Phoradendron vernicosum

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posted on 2017-11-09, 14:18 authored by Lía S. Valencia-Chan, Isabel García-Cámara, Luis W. Torres-Tapia, Rosa E. Moo-Puc, Sergio R. Peraza-Sánchez
Three new lupane-type triterpenes, 3α,24-dihydroxylup-20(29)-en-28-oic acid (1), 3α,23-dihydroxy-30-oxolup-20(29)-en-28-oic acid (2), and 3α,23-O-isopropylidenyl-3α,23-dihydroxylup-20­(29)-en-28-oic acid (3), together with eight known compounds (411) were isolated from a methanol extract of Phoradendron vernicosum aerial parts. The chemical structures of 13 were determined on the basis of spectroscopic data interpretation. The isolated compounds were tested against seven human cancer cell lines and two normal cell lines.