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Luminescent Invertible Polymersome by Remarkably Stable Supramolecular Assembly of Naphthalene Diimide (NDI) π‑System

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posted on 19.02.2016, 07:49 by Anindita Das, Suhrit Ghosh
Self-assembly and photophysical properties of a trialkoxybenzhydrazide-functionalized naphthalene diimide (NDI)-appended amphiphilic polymer are reported. Hydrophobically assisted H-bonding among hydrazides in conjunction with π-stacking among NDI produced vesicles in aqueous medium with astonishingly high kinetic as well as thermodynamic stability which showed enhanced emission in the aggregated state. In benzene, rarely reported reverse vesicular assembly was formed with dual container property with almost identical photophysical properties and stability as observed in water. Both vesicular and reverse-vesicular assemblies were found to remain stable at the benzene–water interface.