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Low-Valent Chemistry: An Alternative Approach to Phosphorus-Containing Oligomers

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posted on 15.12.2014, 00:00 by Stephanie C. Kosnik, Gregory J. Farrar, Erin L. Norton, Benjamin F. T. Cooper, Bobby D. Ellis, Charles L. B. Macdonald
A convenient preparative approach to low-valent phosphorus-rich oligomers is presented. Ligand substitution reactions involving anionic diphosphine ligands of the form [(PR2)2N] and [(PPh2)2C5H3] and a triphosphenium bromide PI precursor result in the formation of phosphorus­(I)-containing heterocycles, several of which are of types that have never been prepared before. The methodology described also allows for the preparation of the known heterocycle cyclo-[P­(PPh2)­N­(PPh2)]2 in better yields and purity than the synthetic approach reported previously. Preliminary reactivity studies demonstrate the viability of such zwitterionic oligomers as multidentate ligands for transition metals.