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Low Tortuous, Highly Conductive, and High-Areal-Capacity Battery Electrodes Enabled by Through-thickness Aligned Carbon Fiber Framework

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posted on 2020-06-24, 17:09 authored by Baohui Shi, Yuanyuan Shang, Yong Pei, Shaopeng Pei, Liyun Wang, Dirk Heider, Yong Y. Zhao, Chaolun Zheng, Bao Yang, Shridhar Yarlagadda, Tsu-Wei Chou, Kun Kelvin Fu
Thick electrode with high-areal-capacity is a practical and promising strategy to increase the energy density of batteries, but development toward thick electrode is limited by the electrochemical performance, mechanical properties, and manufacturing approaches. In this work, we overcome these limitations and report an ultrathick electrode structure, called fiber-aligned thick or FAT electrode, which offers a novel electrode design and a scalable manufacturing strategy for high-areal-capacity battery electrodes. The FAT electrode uses aligned carbon fibers to construct a through-thickness fiber-aligned electrode structure with features of high electrode material loading, low tortuosity, high electrical and thermal conductivity, and good compression property. The low tortuosity of FAT electrode enables fast electrolyte infusion and rapid electron/ion transport, exhibiting a higher capacity retention and lower charge transfer resistance than conventional slurry-casted thick electrode design.