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Low Molecular Weight Hydrogel for Super Efficient Separation of Small Organic Molecules Based on Size Effect

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posted on 2019-06-11, 00:00 authored by Chuanjiang Jian, Ning Tao, Long Xu, Miaochang Liu, Xiaobo Huang, Wenxia Gao, Huayue Wu
Low molecular weight hydrogels (LMWGs) composed of oligopeptide and phenylboronic acid were fabricated to separate small organic molecules based on molecular weight and size. The LMWGs were formed via the self-assembly of hydrogelators with different concentrations; the driving forces for the self-assembly and the morphology of the LMWGs were investigated. The rheological properties and morphologies of the LMWGs were tunable with concentrations. The LMWGs were used as filter membranes for organic molecules separation. The LMWGs exhibited not only efficient selective enrichment of small organic molecules based on molecular size effect, but also satisfied separation of organic molecules from inorganic compounds.