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Low Cost Facile Synthesis of Large-Area Cobalt Hydroxide Nanorods with Remarkable Pseudocapacitance

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posted on 06.05.2015, 00:00 by Ming-Jay Deng, Cheng-Zhao Song, Chien-Chia Wang, Yuan-Chieh Tseng, Jin-Ming Chen, Kueih-Tzu Lu
Large-area Co­(OH)2-based supercapacitor electrodes composed of nanotube arrays grown on a 3D nickel-foam (CONTA) electrode and sucker-like nanoporous films grown on a 3D nickel-foam (COSNP) electrode were prepared with a facile electrochemical method for applications in energy storage. These nanoporous Co­(OH)2 electrodes were fabricated with the codeposition of Cu/Ni film on the nickel foam, then etching of Cu from the Cu/Ni layer to form Ni nanotube arrays and sucker-like Ni nanoporous layers, and further cathodic deposition of Co­(OH)2 on the prepared nanoporous Ni substrates. The CONTA and COSNP electrodes exhibited specific capacitances of 2500 and 2900 F/g in a voltage range of 0.65 V (capacitance of the substrates deducted from the total) at 1 A/g in a three electrode cell, respectively. The COSNP electrode demonstrated an excellent supercapacitive performance with specific capacitances 1100 F/g at 1 A/g and 850 F/g at 20 A/g in a voltage range of 1.2 V in a two electrode cell. The remarkable performance of COSNP electrodes correlated with a large conversion of the Co oxidation state during the charge/discharge cycling were examined by in situ X-ray absorption near edge structure (XANES).