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Low-Temperature Synthesis of Boron Nitride as a Large-Scale Passivation and Protection Layer for Two-Dimensional Materials and High-Performance Devices

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posted on 2022-05-23, 16:08 authored by Zhanjie Lu, Meijie Zhu, Yifan Liu, Gehui Zhang, Zuoquan Tan, Xiaotian Li, Shuaishuai Xu, Le Wang, Ruifen Dou, Bin Wang, Yuan Yao, Zhiyong Zhang, Jichen Dong, Zhihai Cheng, Shanshan Chen
Two-dimensional materials (2DMs) with extraordinary electronic and optical properties have attracted great interest in optoelectronic applications. Due to their atomically thin feature, 2DM-based devices are generally sensitive to oxygen and moisture in ambient air, and thus, practical application of durable 2DM-based devices remains challenging. Here, we report a novel strategy to directly synthesize amorphous BN film on various 2DMs and field-effect transistor (FET) devices at low temperatures by conventional chemical vapor deposition. The wafer-scale BN film with controllable thickness serves as a passivation and heat dissipation layer, further improving the long-term stability, the resistance to laser irradiation, and the antioxidation performance of the underneath 2DMs. In particular, the BN capping layer could be deposited directly on a WSe2 FET at low temperature to achieve a clean and conformal interface. The high performance of the BN-capped WSe2 device is realized with suppressed current fluctuations and 10-fold enhanced carrier mobility. The transfer-free amorphous BN synthesis technique is simple and applicable to various 2DMs grown on arbitrary substrates, which shows great potential for applications in future two-dimensional electronics.