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Lithographically Defined Cross-Linkable Top Coats for Nanomanufacturing with High‑χ Block Copolymers

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posted on 23.02.2021, 23:13 authored by Xavier Chevalier, Cindy Gomes Correia, Gwenaelle Pound-Lana, Philippe Bézard, Matthieu Sérégé, Camille Petit-Etienne, Guillaume Gay, Gilles Cunge, Benjamin Cabannes-Boué, Célia Nicolet, Christophe Navarro, Ian Cayrefourcq, Marcus Müller, Georges Hadziioannou, Ilias Iliopoulos, Guillaume Fleury, Marc Zelsmann
The directed self-assembly (DSA) of block copolymers (BCPs) is a powerful method for the manufacture of high-resolution features. Critical issues remain to be addressed for successful implementation of DSA, such as dewetting and controlled orientation of BCP domains through physicochemical manipulations at the BCP interfaces, and the spatial positioning and registration of the BCP features. Here, we introduce novel top-coat (TC) materials designed to undergo cross-linking reactions triggered by thermal or photoactivation processes. The cross-linked TC layer with adjusted composition induces a mechanical confinement of the BCP layer, suppressing its dewetting while promoting perpendicular orientation of BCP domains. The selection of areas of interest with perpendicular features is performed directly on the patternable TC layer via a lithography step and leverages attractive integration pathways for the generation of locally controlled BCP patterns and nanostructured BCP multilayers.