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Liquid Viscosity and Surface Tension of n‑Dodecane, n‑Octacosane, Their Mixtures, and a Wax between 323 and 573 K by Surface Light Scattering

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journal contribution
posted on 18.07.2017, 11:50 by Thomas M. Koller, Tobias Klein, Cédric Giraudet, Jiaqi Chen, Ahmad Kalantar, Gerard P. van der Laan, Michael H. Rausch, Andreas P. Fröba
The present contribution provides experimental data for the liquid viscosity and surface tension of n-alkane based model systems at temperatures up to 573 K. The fundamental advantage of the used surface light scattering (SLS) method lies in its application in thermodynamic equilibrium without calibration in a contactless way. The investigated systems comprise the pure fluids n-dodecane (n-C12H26) and n-octacosane (n-C28H58), their binary mixture at a n-C12H26 mole fraction of about 0.3, and the commercially available hydrocarbon wax SX-70 representing a multicomponent mixture of n-alkanes with a broad chain length distribution. For the first time, it could be demonstrated that the SLS method can simultaneously access the liquid viscosity and surface tension of such medium- to long-chained n-alkane systems close to saturation conditions over a broad temperature range from 323 to 573 K. Typical measurement uncertainties of 2% based on a coverage factor k = 2, i.e., a level of confidence of more than 95%, were obtained. Over the entire temperature range, a simple polynomial equation for the dynamic viscosity and a modified van der Waals equation for the surface tension represent the measured data of the pure and binary systems well. The present investigations improve the data situation for hydrocarbon systems in the high-temperature range where no measurement results exist in literature.