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Liquid Phase Separation of Polyaromatics on [Cu2(BDC)2(dabco)]

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posted on 2011-08-02, 00:00 authored by Michael Maes, Stijn Schouteden, Kenji Hirai, Shuhei Furukawa, Susumu Kitagawa, Dirk E. De Vos
The porous coordination polymer (PCP) [Cu2(BDC)2(dabco)] is capable of selectively adsorbing up to 25 wt % of either 1-methylnaphthalene or 2-methylnaphthalene. Uptakes of unsubstituted naphthalene and 1,4-dimethylnaphthalene are significantly lower (7–13 wt %), suggesting that monomethyl substituted polyaromatics can be separated from the other fractions. Furthermore, this PCP can perform the difficult separation of 1-methylnaphthalene from 2-methylnaphthalene with separation factors as high as 2.6, proving that specific interactions of the methyl group with the lattice play an important role in determining the adsorption selectivity.