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Liquid–Liquid Dispersion and Selectivity of Chemical Reactions in the Inline Teethed High Shear Mixers

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posted on 09.03.2021, 23:29 by Bingyan Ai, Junheng Guo, Shuchun Zhao, Wei Li, Mingliang Zhou, Jinli Zhang
The effects of various structural and operating parameters on liquid–liquid dispersion and selectivity of chemical reactions in inline single-row teethed high shear mixers (HSMs) were studied by a parallel competitive reaction system. The product distribution XS was applied to evaluate the mass transfer characteristics. The results show that XS decreases evidently at first in tandem with a slight increase as the rotor speed and flow rate rise. The results also indicate that the structural parameters of the rotors play a more important role in enhancing the mass transfer efficiency at higher rotor speed. Compared with adjusting other structural parameters, increasing the teeth number of the rotor can most significantly decrease both XS and Sauter mean drop size d32. Computational fluid dynamics was applied to predict the flow and power characteristics. Furthermore, a dimensionless correlation for XS is established to provide references for the design and optimization of inline HSMs in liquid–liquid systems.