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Linker Competition within a Metal–Organic Framework for Topological Insights

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posted on 28.12.2018, 21:14 by Megan C. Wasson, Jiafei Lyu, Timur Islamoglu, Omar K. Farha
Efforts toward predictive topology within the design and synthesis of metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) have been extensively studied. Herein, we report an investigation of a linker competition for the nucleation of a Zr6-based mixed linker MOF. By varying the relative additions of two linkers and introducing prior seeding to the system, we discern that the scu topology is the kinetic product of the two competing linkers. Elemental mapping analysis indicates that the competing linkers are uniformly distributed throughout the MOF. The final ratios of the linkers in the dissolved MOFs align well with the initial synthetic ratio. Through the introduction of a prior nucleation phase to seed the system, the thermodynamic csq product is more readily achieved. The results reported will enhance the understanding of MOF growth process.