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Linear and Angular Heteroacenes from Double-Electrophilic Cyclization (DEC) and DEC-Reductive Elimination of Diynes

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posted on 07.04.2017, 14:27 by Akhil Gupta, Bernard L. Flynn
Linear and angular heteroacenes are prepared from terminal alkynes bearing tethered nucleophiles in two steps. Linear heteroacenes are formed from the homocoupling of these alkynes followed by reaction with a double electrophile (ECl2) to induce a tricyclization reaction cascade involving double-electrophilic cyclization (DEC). Related angular heteroacenes are formed from the prior substitution of the chloro groups in ECl2 with the same terminal alkyne followed by reaction with AuCl3 to produce a DEC-reductive-elimination (DECRE) reaction.