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Lightweight Three-Dimensional Cellular MXene Film for Superior Energy Storage and Electromagnetic Interference Shielding

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posted on 31.08.2020, 22:07 by Zhimin Fan, Huaqing He, Jianxin Yu, Li Liu, Yuyan Liu, Zhimin Xie
A three-dimensional (3D) cellular MXene (Ti3C2Tx) film is fabricated through the filtration assembly of MXene microgels and a subsequent freeze-casting process. Fully exposed MXene nanosheets create a high-ion-accessible surface area, and the highly interconnected MXene networks facilitate ion transport, which enable the 3D cellular MXene film to acquire a high-rate energy storage. Moreover, the continuous conductive porous structure endows such film with a superior absolute electromagnetic interference shielding effectiveness (127083 dB cm2 g–1). This work provides a facile strategy for building a 3D macroporous MXene film and opens up the opportunities to explore the other uses of MXene.