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Light and Humidity Dual-Responsive Anti-Counterfeiting Films Based on Hydrogen-Bonded Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Polymers with Spiropyran

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posted on 2023-12-05, 21:15 authored by Minxing Xu, Xiaolan Li, Dong Zhou, Yuzhou Chen, Lingli Zhang, Lishuang Yao, Yongjun Liu
There is still significant room for improvement when combining structural color with fluorescence patterns in dual anti-counterfeiting and dynamic anti-counterfeiting labels. In this study, we achieved significant breakthroughs under dual anti-counterfeiting conditions by using the structural color properties of the hydrogen-bonded cholesteric liquid crystal (HBCLC) and combining them with the fluorescence dye spiropyran (SP) to create anti-counterfeiting patterns. The anti-counterfeiting label can only display storage information after meeting the conditions of humidity and ultraviolet light (UV) and has the functions of dynamic encryption and repeated reading. We adjusted the center of the reflection band of the HBCLC film to transition from red to infrared under 40–90% relative humidity (RH) conditions and used it as a background film to draw anti-counterfeiting patterns with SP. Since these fluorescence dyes can switch between merocyanine (MC) (red) and SP (colorless) under UV and visible light conditions, when combined with the HBCLC, orthogonal dynamic encryption was achieved. Additionally, with the adsorption of SP, the reflection band of HBCLC films under the same humidity range increased from around 160 nm to around 260 nm, greatly improving the sensitivity to humidity changes. Furthermore, under UV conditions, it can still emit red fluorescence, demonstrating a polymorphic encryption feature, which greatly increased the complexity of the anti-counterfeiting pattern with significant significance to dynamic anti-counterfeiting and information storage.