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Light and Heat Triggering Modulation of the Electronic Performance of a Graphdiyne-Based Thin Film Transistor

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journal contribution
posted on 26.02.2020, 22:47 by Yuan Li, Mingjia Zhang, Xiuli Hu, Xinhui Fan, Lingmin Yu, Changshui Huang
Graphdiyne-based field effect thin film transistors (GTFTs) with a clean, efficient, nondestructive, continuous, and reversible modulation strategy have been developed for the first time. We have determined that efficient electronic modulation utilizing light and heat results in a significant improvement in GTFT performance. Heat can increase the switching ratio of the device to 103, while light regulation can induce a higher switching ratio of >104 by efficient charge injection with an improved conductivity of 1.5 × 104 S/m. Via the adjustment of the visible light wavelength and power density, tunable charge injection has been realized. These results not only highlight the excellent intrinsic properties and modulation method of GTFTs but also promote the application of such films composed of two-dimensional graphdiyne material in integrated devices, such as logic devices and flexible devices.