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Light-Induced Selective Deposition of Metals on Gold-Tipped CdSe-Seeded CdS Nanorods

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posted on 02.02.2011, 00:00 authored by Xinheng Li, Jie Lian, Ming Lin, Yinthai Chan
We introduce a facile approach for the selective deposition of metals on Au-tipped CdSe-seeded CdS nanorods that exploits the transfer of electrons from CdS to the Au tips upon UV excitation. This light-induced deposition method was used for the deposition of Pd under mild conditions, which produced a Pd/Au alloyed tip while preserving the rest of the semiconductor nanoarchitecture. The highly site-selective deposition method was extended to the deposition of Fe, yielding monodispersed, structurally complex Au core/FexOy hollow shell-tipped semiconductor nanorods. These structurally well-defined rods were found to exhibit magnetic functionality. The synthetic strategies described in this work expand on the range of metals that can be deposited on heterostructured semiconductor nanorods, opening up new avenues for the hierarchical buildup of structural complexity and therefore multifunctionality in nanoparticles.