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Light-Switchable Biocatalytic Covalent–Organic Framework Nanomotors for Aqueous Contaminants Removal

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posted on 2023-11-27, 18:35 authored by Jueyi Xue, Mengnan Zhang, Joel Yong, Qianfan Chen, Joseph Wang, Jiangtao Xu, Kang Liang
Self-propelled nanomotors represent a promising class of adaptable and versatile technologies with broad applications in the realms of biomedicine and environmental remediation. Herein, we report a biocatalytic nanomotor based on a covalent–organic framework (COF) that demonstrates intelligent and switchable motion triggered by a blue-to-red light switch. Consequently, when exposed to blue light, the nanomotor significantly enhances the removal of contaminants in aqueous solutions due to its elevated mobility. Conversely, it effectively deactivates its motion and contaminant removal upon exposure to red light. This study explores the heterogeneous assembly strategy of the COF-based nanomotor and its light-controlled propulsion performance and provides a novel strategy for the regulation of movement, offering valuable insights for the design and practical applications of nanomotors.