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Light-Powered Reversible Guest Release and Uptake from Zn4L4 Capsules

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posted on 2023-02-08, 16:50 authored by Amit Ghosh, Laura Slappendel, Bao-Nguyen T. Nguyen, Larissa K. S. von Krbek, Tanya K. Ronson, Ana M. Castilla, Jonathan R. Nitschke
A strategy for light-powered guest release from a tetrahedral capsule has been developed by incorporating azobenzene units at its vertices. A new Zn4L4 tetrahedral capsule bearing 12 diazo moieties at its metal-ion vertices was prepared from a phenyl­diazenyl-functionalized subcomponent and a central trialdehyde panel. Ultraviolet irradiation caused isomerization of the peripheral diazo groups from the thermo­dynamically preferred trans configuration to the cis form, thereby generating steric clash and resulting in cage disassembly and concomitant guest release. Visible-light irradiation drove cage re-assembly following re-isomerization of the diazo groups to the trans form, resulting in guest re-uptake. A detailed 19F NMR study elucidated how switching led to guest release: each metal vertex tolerated only one cis-azobenzene moiety, with further isomerization leading to cage disassembly.