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Light-Induced Synthesis of Single-Crystalline Gold Microplates in an Open System

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posted on 2023-12-18, 10:13 authored by Betul Akkus, Fadime Mert Balci
Bottom-up synthesis of large single-crystalline gold microplates is of key importance to catalysis, nanophotonics, bioengineering, and plasmonics. However, easy, low-cost, room-temperature, and high-yield synthesis of large gold microplates with several micrometers in lateral size and a few tens of nanometers in thickness by using photochemical synthesis in an open system is still challenging. We herein report on an easy and cost-effective photochemical synthesis of single-crystalline gold microplates with lateral sizes up to around 40 μm and tens of nanometers in thickness in a few hours of reaction time in an open system containing a lyotropic liquid crystal, which is formed by self-assembly of 10-lauryl ether in a strong acid, sulfuric acid, along with water. We have found that by changing the reaction parameters, such as the reaction time, the concentration of gold ions in the liquid crystal, etc., the thickness and size of the microplates can be easily controlled. Most importantly, the liquid crystalline phase is completely preserved after completion of the photochemical reaction. The microplates can be easily isolated and transferred to different media such as alcohol and water for further studies, or they can be immediately used on a substrate after completion of the reaction. The results obtained in this study will allow us to understand the growth mechanism of gold microplates in open systems, and they will find applications in a variety of critical areas, such as plasmonics, nanophotonics, and catalysis.