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Layered Double Hydroxide@Polydopamine Core–Shell Nanosheet Arrays-Derived Bifunctional Electrocatalyst for Efficient, Flexible, All-Solid-State Zinc–Air Battery

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posted on 10.12.2019, 16:06 by Shijin Li, Wenfu Xie, Yuke Song, Mingfei Shao
Designing of highly efficient bifunctional electrocatalysts that can simultaneously catalyze the oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) and oxygen evolution reaction (OER) is the key to the development of sustainable, clean energy storage, and conversion technologies. Herein, we report a flexible electrode based on Co-CoOχ/N-C nanosheet arrays (NSAs) directly grown on a carbon cloth fabricated by pyrolysis of the core–shell CoAl-LDH@polydopamine (CoAl-LDH@PDA) NSA precursor. The as-synthesized Co-CoOχ/N-C NSAs exhibit excellent bifunctional electrochemical activity for the ORR and OER, with a small potential gap (0.678 V) and excellent durability. Furthermore, a high power density (20.7 mW cm–2), superior flexibility, and cycling stability for flexible all-solid-state zinc–air battery is achieved on Co-CoOχ/N-C NSAs. The excellent performance of Co-CoOχ/N-C NSAs comes from its integrated nanosheet array architecture and the synergetic effect between Co-CoOχ and N-C. This in situ synthesis strategy builds up a general approach for fabricating other multifunctional electrodes toward a large variety of important electrochemical processes.