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Layer-by-Layer Poly(phenylene ethynylene) Films on Silica Microspheres for Enhanced Sensory Amplification

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posted on 2005-11-01, 00:00 authored by Jordan H. Wosnick, Jessica H. Liao, Timothy M. Swager
Alternating polyelectrolyte “layer-by-layer” deposition has been used to create emissive thin films of a weakly anionic, nonaggregating poly(phenylene ethynylene) on silica microspheres. The resulting particles are smooth and emit fluorescence solely from the outside polymer-coated surface. Suspensions of the coated microspheres show similar fluorescence properties to polymers in solution, but with enhanced sensitivity (up to 200-fold) to nitroaromatic quenchers. These enhancements are attributed to a combination of surface and electronic effects.