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Lathyrane Diterpenoids from the Roots of Euphorbia micractina and Their Biological Activities

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posted on 27.05.2011, 00:00 authored by Ye Tian, Wendong Xu, Chenggen Zhu, Sheng Lin, Yanru Li, Liang Xiong, Sujuan Wang, Ling Wang, Yongchun Yang, Ying Guo, Hua Sun, Xiaoliang Wang, Jiangong Shi
Seventeen new lathyrane diterpenoids (117) and two known analogues have been isolated from an ethanolic extract of Euphorbia micractina roots. Their structures including absolute configurations were determined by spectroscopic data interpretation and single-crystal X-ray crystallography. Compound 10 showed activity against HIV-1 replication in vitro, with an IC50 value of 8.2 μM. Compounds 6, 7, 11, 14, 15, and 18, at 10–6 M, showed significant vascular-relaxing activities against phenylephrine-induced vasoconstriction with relaxation rates of 48%, 41%, 42%, 48%, 50%, and 53%, respectively.