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Lateral Heterostructures of Multilayer GeS and SnS van der Waals Crystals

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posted on 2020-09-04, 18:06 authored by Eli Sutter, Jia Wang, Peter Sutter
Engineered heterostructures derive distinct properties from materials integration and interface formation. Two-dimensional crystals have been combined to form vertical stacks and lateral heterostuctures with covalent line interfaces. While thicker vertical stacks have been realized, lateral heterostructures from multilayer van der Waals crystals, which could bring the benefits of high-quality interfaces to bulk-like layered materials, have remained much less explored. Here, we demonstrate the integration of anisotropic layered Sn and Ge monosulfides into complex heterostructures with seamless lateral interfaces and tunable vertical design using a two-step growth process. The anisotropic lattice mismatch at the lateral interfaces between GeS and SnS is relaxed via dislocations and interfacial alloying. Nanoscale optoelectronic measurements by cathodoluminescence spectroscopy show the characteristic light emission of joined high-quality van der Waals crystals. Spectroscopy across the lateral interface indicates valley-selective luminescence in the bulk SnS component that arises due to anisotropic electron transfer across the interface. The results demonstrate the ability to realize high-quality lateral heterostructures of multilayer van der Waals crystals for diverse applications, e.g., in optoelectronics or valleytronics.