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Lasing in Low-Dimensional Crystals of a Fumaronitrile-Based Luminogen

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posted on 2024-04-03, 19:18 authored by Takumi Matsuo, Shotaro Hayashi
Low-dimensional structures are ideal for organic laser media because of their efficient waveguide, photon confinement, and stimulated emission. Control of the structure and alignment of luminescent molecules is very important for realizing laser media. Here, we fabricate low-dimensional crystals of bis(biphenyl)fumaronitrile (BPFN), which is an aggregation-induced emission luminogen. The BPFN molecule contains fumaronitrile, which displays solid-state luminescence, and biphenyl, which forms low-dimensional structures through dipole–dipole interactions. Solvent diffusion yielded two-dimensional platelet crystals of BPFN with strong dipole–dipole CH−π interactions. The high photoluminescence quantum efficiency of 0.46 and uniaxially aligned molecular π-electronic transition dipole moment in the two-dimensional crystals of BPFN resulted in optically pumped lasing even when using an optical excitation source with a long pulse duration (∼5 ns). One-dimensional BPFN crystals obtained via epitaxial growth on the cleaved surface of a KBr single crystal also displayed lasing behavior.