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Laser Treatment of Nanoparticulated Metal Thin Films for Ceramic Tile Decoration

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posted on 2016-08-24, 00:00 authored by V. J. Rico, R. Lahoz, F. Rey-García, F. Yubero, J. P. Espinós, G. F. de la Fuente, A. R. González-Elipe
This paper presents a new method for the fabrication of metal-like decorative layers on glazed ceramic tiles. It consists of the laser treatment of Cu thin films prepared by electron-beam evaporation at glancing angles. A thin film of discontinuous Cu nanoparticles was electron-beam-evaporated in an oblique angle configuration onto ceramic tiles and an ample palette of colors obtained by laser treatment both in air and in vacuum. Scanning electron microscopy along with UV–vis–near-IR spectroscopy and time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry analysis were used to characterize the differently colored layers. On the basis of these analyses, color development has been accounted for by a simple model considering surface melting phenomena and different microstructural and chemical transformations of the outmost surface layers of the samples.