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Laser-Printed In-Plane Micro-Supercapacitors: From Symmetric to Asymmetric Structure

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posted on 15.12.2017, 00:00 by Gui-Wen Huang, Na Li, Yi Du, Qing-Ping Feng, Hong-Mei Xiao, Xing-Hua Wu, Shao-Yun Fu
Here, we propose and demonstrate a complete solution for efficiently fabricating in-plane micro-supercapacitors (MSCs) from a symmetric to asymmetric structure. By using an original laser printing process, symmetric MSC with reduced graphene oxide (rGO)/silver nanowire (Ag-NW) hybrid electrodes was facilely fabricated and a high areal capacitance of 5.5 mF cm–2 was achieved, which reaches the best reports on graphene-based MSCs. More importantly, a “print-and-fold” method has been creatively proposed that enabled the rapid manufacturing of asymmetric in-plane MSCs beyond the traditional cumbersome technologies. α-Ni­(OH)2 particles with high tapping density were successfully synthesized and employed as the pseudocapacitive material. Consequently, an improved supply voltage of 1.5 V was obtained and an areal capacitance as high as 8.6 mF cm–2 has been realized. Moreover, a demonstration of a miniaturized MSC pack was performed by multiply-folding the serial Ag-NW-connected MSC units. As a result, a compact MSC pack with a high supply voltage of 3 V was obtained, which can be utilized to power a light-emitting diode light. These presented technologies may pave the way for the efficiently producing high performance in-plane MSCs, meanwhile offering a solution for the achievement of practical power supply packs integrated in limited spaces.