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Laser-Induced Graphene Derived from Kraft Lignin for Flexible Supercapacitors

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posted on 09.06.2020, 15:40 authored by Faisal Mahmood, Hanwen Zhang, Jian Lin, Caixia Wan
Porous graphene was photothermally induced from kraft lignin via direct laser writing. This laser-induced graphene (LIG) possessed a hierarchical structure with a three-dimensional (3D) interconnected network ideal for its transfer from the kraft lignin/poly­(ethylene oxide) (KL/PEO) film onto polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS). The resultant LIG/PDMS composite was shown to keep the intrinsic porous structure and electrically active sites of LIG. The supercapacitors (SCs) fabricated using the LIG/PDMS composite exhibited good electrochemical performance and excellent cyclic stability. More than 90% capacitance was retained after 10 000 cycles. Moreover, due to their high flexibility, the SCs were able to endure bending deformation without significantly sacrificing their capacitance. The proposed technology for the fabrication of flexible SCs based on lignin-derived LIG demonstrated great potential to use a low-cost, renewable material for the manufacture of portable and wearable electronics.