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Large and Versatile Plasmonic Enhancement of Photoluminescence Using Colloidal Metallic Nanocubes

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posted on 31.03.2021, 01:13 authored by Mohammad Khaywah, Audrey Potdevin, François Réveret, Rachid Mahiou, Youcef Ouerdane, Anthony Désert, Stéphane Parola, Geneviève Chadeyron, Emmanuel Centeno, Rafik Smaali, Antoine Moreau
Improving phosphor photoluminescence efficiency is a key parameter to boost the performances of many optical devices. In this work, colloidal silver nanocubes, homogeneously spread on a luminescent surface, have proved to help both injecting and extracting light in and out of the photoluminescent layer and hence contributed significantly to the enhancement of the fluorescence. This approach has been applied to two materials: the well-known Y3Al5O12:Ce yellow phosphor and an optical quartz. The emission efficiency, for sol–gel derived YAG:Ce layers, has increased 80% in the presence of an optimal nanoparticle density, whereas for quartz, a weakly fluorescent material, the photoluminescence signal can be enhanced by a 200-fold factor. A physical analysis based on simulations shows that the disorder is an important factor and that the surface density of Ag nanoparticles is a crucial parameter.